Coolhunt: portable bicycle tables

What is it?
It is a bike table. You can bring your table with you wherever you go. The bicycle itself can be wheeled around by moving the legs of the table to fit underneath.

Why is it cool?
A lot of solutions come together. Some people don’t have a lot of time. When they have a little leisure, they can always riding their bike. They don’t need to go home, so they can simply spend all their leisure to riding the bike at work. When you like to cycling in your leisure, you can do this with the table. So you don’t need to take the car when you want to bring a table with you. While you take a break you can use the table.

Why has it future growth potential?
This is an eco-friendly way to take a table. More people would get their bike instead of their car. You become healthy too. And most of all you will spend you leisure to the fullest.


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