Coolhunt: 3D print nails and shoes

3D printed nails and high heels
What is it?
Long nails and high heels are typically for woman. It gives a feminine look.
This 3D printed nails have new designs that take it to a new level. They are made of a different kind of texture.
Why is it cool? 
3D printing is the new way of producing stuff. Now you can print your own nails. So the 3D printing becomes in cosmetic too. This nails will fit exactly on your nails. It is quite affordable. while acrylic nails are very expensive. 3D printed shoes has the possibility that consumers could have the exact forms of their feet and heels. There was never the perfect height for your heels, but this is the solution.
Why has it future growth potential?
3D printed products are looking futuristic, so it is a new way of fashion. Your nails will become a part of your outfit. You can make it your own design and print your own nails and high heels with 3D printing. This would revolutionize the fashion industry. Consumer will be a prosumer.

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