Coolhunt: Barbershop Robots

Barbershop Robots


What is it?
Barbershop robots are machines which will fix your hair and facial hair in 3 minutes. They have 24 human-like fingers. Creating products that appeal to the new macho man.Woman would not be treated by a machine. This is only used by man.Afbeelding
Why is it cool?
Bearded fashion create a very attractive and eye-catching appearance. The beard is born again. Beards will give man a more masculine face. You don’t have to go to the barbershop. This robot will fix your hair every morning.
Beside that, this is a new alternative of barbershop. Normally the barbershop is a twenties thing. Now it is something futuristic.
Why has it future growth potential?
This is a new fashion item. The border between masculinity and femininity will fade. However men will continue the masculine look. Beards and mustaches will make this true.

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