Coolhunt: E-textiles


What is it?
Clothing which is made of fabrics store with electronic gadgets. This electronic cloth is like a computer on your body.
Why is it cool? 
This fits in the context of web 3.0. The technology will do the work for you. This clothing tells you what is your heart rate, it gives you light when you are in darkness and he pick up your phone.
Philips used led light for textile which can change its colors. This would be nice for woman.
So it can be used as a fashion item and it can also be your ‘robot’.
You don’t need to look at your phone, for example when you are exercising or driving a car.
Specially men would wear this. It applies in the military personal outfit and in sportswear.
Why has it future growth potential?
The computer will do more and more for us. We would to do as much as possible. Beside that, because a lot of people would sport more and pay more attention to the health, you can see this reflected in the clothing. It penetrates from care, sports and art. In future this will be more and more in our wardrobe for every day use.



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