coolhunt: Herderham

A lot of people lost trust in the food industry. They denounce what is in their meat. They want to know how the animals were treated. Here is a way to realize that. 
What is it?
Herderham is from sheep which are grazing in natural areas and accompanied by a shepherd. Each sheep has its own story. They have lived in your own area. 
Why is it cool?
Every shepherd featured an UBN-number. This can be traced trough the website. On this way you can see who was the shepherd and where the flock of sheep have grazed. 
Why has it future growth potential? 
It gives total transparency because you will follow the live of the sheep. You can see where they have lived and how they were treated and by whom. This way there will be trust in the food industry. Animals will be treated better too. And most important, people could see this live. 



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