coolhunt: Home farming

What is it?
A biosphere home farm and a printer where you can produce your own food. The home farming has various mini-ecosystems. It contains fish, crustaceans, algae and edible plants, all interdependent. There is water filtration, recycling of nutrients and optimum use of sunlight. The food printer would accept various edible ingredients and then combine and print them in the desired shape and consistency. 
Why is it cool?
It is organic food. You do not have to doubt the manufacturer or the farmer. You can do it yourself so you see what is in the food. This creates total transparency. You will have at least part of your daily calorific requirement inside your house.  
Why has it future growth potential?
Many people have lost faith in food production. They want to see how it is produced and what is in it. Beside that, they prefer organic food. With the 3D printer you can produce your own stuff. Producing food by yourself is the next step. The home farming and the food creation will make it possible. 

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