coolhunt: Traffic light


In the EU 60 per cent of all adults and 20 per cent of school-age children have overweight or are obese. When you would choose the right foods for live healthy, consumers need to know how much sugar, fat and salt food products contain.

What is it?
Traffic light labeling on products. This is a well-designed graphic right on the front of food packages. It shows for every product the levels of key nutrients (fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt). This is marked with the traffic light colors: red, amber or green. This means high, medium or low levers of the nutrient.
Why is it cool?
If you want to choose the right foods for a diet, you can take only the green products. Beside that, a lot of people do not know what they normally buy. Now they will open their eyes and see what is in their food.
Why has it future growth potential?
Many food producers profit from making nutritional fate for their products. They appear healthier than they really are. This is confusing and it can be harmful to health. This touches the physical well being.
Now they will see what is in their food and they are no more confused. It is clear now. The per cent of obese people will be reduced, because they have never know well what they were eating before this new way of packaging. When your shopping bag is full of red products, it will give you a signal. In this way you will enlarge your awareness.



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