coolhunt: Meat plant

What is it?
Cultured meat: animal meat, without using animals. This meat proliferate and grow in an artificial way.
It is composer of various kinds of material: muscle tissue, connective tissue, fat, different protein compositions and so on.
Why is it cool?
There are no longer animals needed to produce meat.
 Scientist propose there is less land and water needed to produce the same quantity of food. There arises transparency because the matters around the treatment, production and diseases of animals are no more. Everybody will know what the food is made of. They will know there are no animals killed.
Why has it future growth potential?
In the future it may be possibly to grow a steak. This need a lot of research. For now there is no idea on the feasibility to produce cultured meat and if it will be sold. Ethical issues play a role. It is no longer needed to abuse and kill animals. Now this is a huge issue in society, but this can be an innovation.



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