coolhunt: Cimatology tower for a clean air

Save space in a versality and eco-friendly way

AfbeeldingWe can not continue the way we lived a while ago. Their are too many traffic jams, cramped spaces, the air is polluted and a lot of bad habits. The solution: the bicycle. There will be a new generation of bicycles which will solve this problems.

The pollution reversing bicycle is an eco-friendly solution for transport. Those are electric transformed and will clean the air. So will be the climatology tower too. This building is made for cleaning the air and used for a lunch with a great view. The air in the city is polluted. By means of the pollution reversing bicycle and the climatology tower the air will be cleaned. This two exempels are both versatile. We see that many products become combination products. In this way the product has a lot of solutions for the environment. The climatology tower will save space, because you can use the garden and facilities in the air, and it will clean the air too. It does not need much space because it is build in the height. It also solves traffic jams. There is less space in the city. In future they need to build in height and have to combine things like this. In this way you will create sustainable solutions. Both solutions will improve your physical wellbeing. You will breath clean air, because there will be less traffic jams and the systems will cleaning the air. The environment will be improved. Beside that, you will move yourself in a healthy way: bicycling.



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