coolhunt: Eco-friendly materials in the city

The using of eco-friendly material is necessary to improve the environment. Companies are looking for new ways to move their businesses towards more Earth friendly practices. 
Existing eating cottages or bus shelters will be substitute for sustainable buildings which contribute the environment. The Ecokiosk aims to solve many of the issues regarding mobile retail/service setups. The bus shelter does so and you will be entertained while waiting. 
The Ecokiosk is made of recyclable materials and reduces CO2. The planter box is absorbing the CO2. It also reuse water: rain water will be filtered into tap water. The roof is a solution for internal heating and natural air ventilation. People who are working inside enjoying the natural light source. They can work, make their make their food and share it.
This place will be used for different targets, a sustainable solution. This way we will contribute a little to the nature. The quality of life is influenced by sustainable materials and buildings. It touches the material wellbeing, because your home and a lot of places will be safe. The physical wellbeing, because it is a healthier way. Beside that, the social wellbeing because people think sustainability is an important value and it will bring people together. 

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