coolhunt: Human power

Sport, an eco-friendly fuel
In this society we are all busy. We do not read a book just for fun anymore. A lot of people do not have time for doing sport, take the bike or a walk to the office. We will do everything at the same time. We can not miss the news or the updates.


But there is a problem beside this. We all know the environment is polluted. We use a lot of energy and this costs a lot of money too. For example the washing machine, a not environment friendly product. However, we use this a few times a week, in each house, in each country. We need to use alternative fuels. What if we can combinate sports with get laundry done? We can use sport as energy source for every product that needs energy. Fuels are running out, but human movement never will. We can make our own energy and be healthy as well. This is the Bike Washing Machine concept. The ideal way to exercise and get laundry done at one go!Afbeelding
In this way you will be motivated to sport because you will be rewarded. This is an eco-friendly way, while normally it waste a lot of money and energy. The energy from your own strength is free. Beside that is will entertain you and it will  improve your physical wellbeing, because you will wash a few times a week. With this trigger you will move a lot more than before. Finally, the environment will be improved and we will save fuels.
We see this way of generating energy also in the gyms and at the dance floor. When you move, the devices will use your power.

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