Coolhunt: Ecotourism

600xNx97096_1_600.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.jKRZNQEzxIPeople would see the world and bring the world with them. But in a sustainable way. Nature is beautiful and they need this in every city and every place where they are going to.
With ecotourism on the rise, eco-friendly hotels have been keeping pace with technology and design innovations. Things like mountain-mimicking structures and self-sustaining desert hotels help consumers feel at one with nature by blending in with the environment. Going in the opposite direction, other resorts are bringing nature to the city. But now, people want to go to many different places. They could use the In-Tenta ‘Drop Eco Hotel’. This concept consist of a series of portable pod hotel rooms that an be transferred to different locations. In this way, the integrity of the landscape will be kept. This allows a visitor to enjoy the view without harming its environment. The hotel rooms will have eco-friendly services. Imagine being able to have a beachfront view in the city, or any other environment. This experience is possible with the In-Tenta concept.
The environment will change in a good way. It improves your material and mental wellbeing by so far, you will get a different feeling when you live in a green hotel. You can choose to live where you would be, without pollute the environment. The In-Tenta concept saves a lot of space. The hotel only stays for a while.


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