coolhunt: URBAN farm

The country side moves into the city. Urban farming has to move to all of the cities so they will become sustainable. For saving space we need to use roofs or buildings for cultivating food. The food will be near the places where most people live and buy their food. We made a short distribution channel. The food will be safe, whole and fresh. Beside that, the city will be green. The future city needs to be more green, literally and figuratively. Afbeelding
So there is the Billboard Park. This is a vertical park designed to look like a honeycomb. The park is designed to make good use of its small space by building up instead of out. It makes best use of the available space. The city will look green. This is a nice view all over the city so it will be used in many different ways.

The Bowery Project is a pop-up store about micro farms and urban agriculture. The Toronto non-profit organization uses vacant lots for pop-up food gardens. They can quickly be abandoned if a developer is looking to build. The Bowery Project converts these spaces in the city into centers for urban agriculture that provide neighborhoods with local produce. So we will get transparency. There is also an helping App which works to let you know when the garden is ready to be harvested, the Harvest Matching app.

AfbeeldingPeople come back into nature and they will enjoy it. The nature will be used more efficiently than before. Even the city would no longer polluted. We will create a new way of producing and new habits. The city will be sustainable in many respects, so our lifestyle is making a change. More healthier for the earth and for the people. Beside that, there is a social aspect in these signals. The restaurants will serving meals which are made of the urban farms. This will give the consumer more values. Consumers will come closer to nature, producers and attach values on their food and their place on earth where we live.




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